Thayer’s Gull thing…

Thayer’s Gull?

On the 11th of February Rodmund found a putative adult Thayer’s Gull in Vestmanna. On the following day we went to look for it and after six hours of searching we relocated the bird. It showed very well along with 60 Iceland Gulls, 3 Kumlien’s Gulls and a few Glaucous Gulls.

Thayer’s Gull?

I’m not an expert on Thayer’s vs Kumlien’s Gull and they’ve been lumped as variations of Iceland Gull. The bird is non the less very close to Thayer’s Gull when it comes to wing pattern. On the gull research org home page similar looking 4th winter Thayer’s Gulls can be seen:

Without making any bold claims this bird surely lies very much in the Thayer’s end of thing considering the Thayer’s – Kumlien’s – Iceland Gull continuum.



Wing pattern


Thayer’s Gull?

And nailed or not… seeing this bird was surely magnificent. A video of the bird can be seen here:

Other birds around during recent days include hundreds of Iceland Gulls, a Great Tit in Klaksvík, Steller’s Eider in Sumba (long-staying female seen by Rodmund today), male Merlin and a Common Merganser in Hvannasund.

Common Merganser



Silas Olofson

One comment on “Thayer’s Gull thing…

  1. Rodmund á Kelduni says:

    Hi Silas.

    As you know, the AOS (North American Classification commitee) don´t have Thayer´s gull on it´s list as a full species as it is lumped with Iceland gull, therefore it make no sence to talk about Thayer´s nor Kumliens gulls, as they now are a variation of Icland gull.

    So when you write, Thayer´s thing as a head line or Kumlien´s gull in the video it make no sence, just Iceland gull. (morph ?)

    It will be interessting to follow varios European rarety commitee´s decissions hereafter, they did not follow the BOURC but listed Thayer´s gull as a full species, what now ?

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