It has been a bit quiet during the last month. Jack Snipe from the kitchen window, a Gannet, the first Lesser Black-backed Gull and lots of white-winged gulls pretty much summons it up. The one exception are eiders. Last month I found a female King Eider in Klaksvík. It was only present for a single day. I check the harbour almost daily so I’m quite sure it has been gone. But two days ago I relocated the bird. Now an adult male would be welcome.

Queen Eider and photo bombing gannet


Queem Eider

In Fuglafirði I found a Northern Eider (ssp. borealis) last week. It is thought to be a somewhat regular visitor, but I’ve never seen one myself. The orange bill, position of the nostrils and the sails all indicate borealis.

This week I found a different bird in Klaksvík. It had the same orange bill, but nostril position was more like our native ssp. faroeensis eiders. So I’m note sure if it can be nailed as anything with certainty. But a stunning bird non the less.

Bottom line is that my interest in eiders has been tricked. Maybe a Spectacled, v-nigrum, dresseri or a male Steller’s is around the corner?





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