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Arctic tern - terna

This is a blog about faroese birding. Big news and stories from the field will be told here.  The Faroes Islands are a birders paradise – if you can handle the weather and the fact the birding is extremely weather dependent. The islands can be loaded with birds or they can be void and empty… But there is almost always something to see and the majestic scenery is always there!

We have about 50 breeding species on the Faroes. Vast numbers of puffins, manx shearwaters, gannets, guillmots, kittiwakes, great and arctic skuas and maybe up to 90% of the worlds breeding population of european storm-petrels! So summer is quite exciting for visitors!

Oystercatcher - Tjaldur, the faroese national bird!

304 species have been recorded so far on the Faroes – that means that about 250 are vagrants. And vagrancy in autumn is the real thrill! From mid august to mid november anything can happen. Sibes and yanks can turn up everywhere – we only need some birders to come and find them!

Pallas' Grashopper Warbler - a much sought after sibe! This one was found on Svínoy on the 4th of october 2009!

If you have any comments or questions send a mail to silasolofson (a) gmail.com

Silas Olofson (SiO)

10 comments on “About this page

  1. Tove Abildgaard says:

    Hej Silas
    Jeg fandt birdingfaroes, da jeg søgte noget om fugle i Tanzania. Vi er netop kommet hjem efter tre uger i det vestlige Tanzania, hvor vi bl.a. så en masse imponerende fugle.
    I Sitalike og Kigoma hørte vi en fugl, som jeg først troede var en mobiltelefon. Jeg har optaget et lille klip med mit kamera (så desværre ikke fuglen) og kunne godt tænke mig at vide, hvad det mon er for en fugl.
    Det ser ud til, at du har en stor viden om fugle, så mon du kan hjælpe mig? Hvis du sender din mailadresse, vil jeg gerne sende klippet.
    Med venlig hilsen
    Tove Abildgaard.

  2. Bárður Askham says:

    Heey Silas……..Eg fari at ganga 50 Km og eg ætlaði mær at taka nakrar myndir, av fuglum…so um eg finni nakran interisantan fugl, so kanst tú gott fáa myndina 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 😀

  3. Martin Berg says:

    Hi Silas,
    First of all, thanks for a great birding blog! It has been really inspiriting to read. Especially your gull updates this winter has been useful for Swedish birders to predict when the Iceland gulls would arrive to us.

    I am a kind birder that between the 11 June and 21 July will assist with a research project on Arctic and Great Skuas for Sjurdur Hammer on the Faroe Islands. I will mostly be based on Skuvoy but also travel around the islands. Of course I will keep my eyes open for rare vagrants. Would it be possible to keep in touch in case any of us find something rare?

    Do you have any long staying Harlequin ducks around?

    Kind regards
    Martin Berg

  4. TK says:

    Great pictures ,great Blog! It’s a pity that u stoped posting.

    Kind regards from Germany

  5. Ernie Allison says:

    Hi Silas,
    Great blog and amazing photos. I was hoping to get in touch with you but did not see any contact info. I hope you will get back to me

  6. Rodmund á Kelduni says:

    Hi Ernie.

    You might get in toutch with Silas on his current blog http://www.birdingturkey.wordpress.com


  7. Hi Silas,

    I write to you in English, but I suppose I even could have written in Swedish.

    I would like to get in contact with you as I am planing on visiting Faroe Islands, hopefully in 2015, with the aim of seeing if there is a possibility to run a photo workshop there with birds and landscape as the main focus.

    I need an local guide for this and when I found your site I thought you might have an interested in helping me running this project of mine.

    Best regards

    Lennart Hessel

  8. dear Silas,
    yesterday we got a ringing recovery of a Barn Swallow ringed at a roost in September 2010 in Luxembourg and, unfortunately, found dead in April 2011 at the Faroes, amazing.
    This is the first recovery of a bird ringed in Luxembourg from up there
    best wishes
    patric lorgé

  9. Chris Doubell says:

    Great blog. I’m an enthusiastic amateur birder from Hampshire in England planning a Faroes holiday this summer with a similarly interested birding friend and our very understanding wives. The first week in July seems to be a good time. Can we hire you to take us out and find the birds for a day or three? Or if not you then one of your local friends.
    Chris Doubell

  10. Kevin Elsby says:

    HI there Silas. I love reading your blog. I am a speaker on wildlife on a cruise to Iceland and the Faroes this summer – July. Would it be possible to meet up with you for some birding? Please respond to my e-mail address.
    Thanks Kevin (UK)

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