Snow in Klaksvík

One of my faroese facebook friends had a very accurate update yesterday:

Spring is over. Summer never came.
Autumn is howling: It’s winter again.

Snow… Yes, yesterday and today it’s been snowing. It’s cold. It feels like winter – except for the fact that days are much longer. Not ideal conditions for migrants. But some have come non the less. Yesterday a male Pied Flycatcher was in Klaksvík, a Mandarin Duck has been seen in Leirvík and today Rodmund found a Hawfinch in Sørvágur.

Siskin and Bramblings at Árnafirði

And actually there are quite a few migrants around. Yesterday I checked Árnafirði. There were a few Redwings, a Sisken and 3 Bramblings. Nothing much, but at least it was something.

Dark eyed Herring Gull

Today I went birding on Eysturoy and Streymoy. The first good bird was a 2cy Iceland Gull in Klaksvík along with a dark eyed 4cy and a pale 2cy Herring Gull.

Lesser Black-backed, Herring and Iceland Gull in Klaksvík

In Leirvík a striking drake Pintail was a nice surprise. They’re not uncommon, but you just gotta love these beauties. Especially when they give superb and close views. I didn’t relocate the Harlequin Ducks which were last seen on the 17th of april in Syðrugøtu – but I’ve probably seen more Harlequins than Pintails on the Faroes, so it didn’t matter that much.

Star bird of the day - drake Pintail in Leirvík

In Syðrugøta there were four Great Northern Divers including an adult in summer plumage, a few auks and two Red-throated Divers – and a few more Great Northern were at Skálafirði.

In Hósvík four Great Cormorants were present and about 20 Tufted Ducks were at Eiði along with a few Common Goldeneyes and some Whooper Swans.

Great Cormorant at Hósvík

In Tórshavn I found a male Chaffinch, 2 Norhtern Wheatears, 3 Wood Doves and several Robins – but nothing unexpected. But taking the cold northeasterly winds into considerations it wasn’t bad – something is happening. So hopefully the warmer weather in the days to come will bring a few good birds.


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