Spring news

Three ring-necked Ducks at Toftavatn

Looking at my last post I think to my self: What a wonderful world… oh no, rather what a lazy host. Not a single update for months. How come? Well, I frankly don’t know except for me being lazy.

But well, as March turned into April snow melted at last. I spent a week in Denmark in March photographing birds for a new field guide to the birds of the Faroe islands, that I am working on with Jórun Pólsdóttir currently.

As I returned I took a 5 minute detour from the airport to see the third Great Crested Grebe for the Faroes (and my second). It was at the exact same spot as initially located and I got some nice pictures.

Great Crested Grebe

Then on the first of April I found three Ring-necked Ducks at Toftavatn. The lake had been solid ice for a month but after thawing the ducks had made their appearance. It later turned out that they had been seen on the lake earlier by Rodmund.

The month of April turned out to be rather good with two Hornemann´s Arctic Redpolls (none that I saw), a single Hoopoe in Trongsvágur and on the 9th of April I found a nice dark 3cy Kumlien´s Gull at Eiði, which showed really well.

Kumlien´s Gull

On the 13th Jón Aldará found an American Green-winged Teal at Kaldbaksbotn. We had just had a meeting, so I was only 10 minutes away, so I did the detour and obtained great views of the yank.

Amerian Green-wined Teal

A visit to Sandoy along with Kim Frost produced two Tree Sparrows, which are rare here. But they do seem to be establishing themselves here slowly as another two were present of Svínoy on the 24th.

Tree Sparrows at Sandoy

On the 19th a blue and a white morph Snow Goose were present at Vatnsoyrar. I managed to connect with the birds and obtained some great views with awesome local help. The Snow Geese seem to be the same as in Iceland in January this year.

White and blue Snow Goose

Other bird news include the first Whimbrels, Northern Wheatears, White Wagtails and two Pied Wagtails, up to 20 House Martins, a few Barn Martins and Black-tailed Godwits.

During next week I will be on a long-line fishing boat conducting by-catch surveys. And of course I hope to get some time to scout for sea-birds!


One comment on “Spring news

  1. Martijn Bunskoek says:

    Hi Silas,
    In october 2019 we had several Tree sparrows in Gjogv. Maybe a new location? See https://observation.org/observation/180630574/

    Greetings Martijn Bunskoek

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