The internet connection out here is very limited, so no pics on todays blog…

Well, several low pressures comming in from west and no sign of any hint of southeasterlies. Svínoy would most likely be void and empty. So Søren, Mads and I are gambling. Yesterday we took the chopper to Mykines. It is the westernmost island of the Faroes. It is very rough and offers little shelter for birds. There are no gardens and no plants taller than 30 cm on the island. There simply is no dense cover what so ever. In one way it is good, ’cause the birds are easy to find. But on the other hand there is nothing that attracts the birds and they are just flying around the village without gathering in any particular spot.

But well, before taking the chopper we checked Vágar once again. We saw a barred warbler and a goldfinch (probably the bird from Miðvági the day before) in Sandavági. The red-breasted flycatcher was also still present in Sørvágur along 4-6 chiffchaffs, but all the willow and yellow-browed had moved on.

When we came out to Mykines yesterday is was windy, then rainy, then stormy – and we only saw a chiffchaff and a willow warbler… and today saw the same pattern, but the winds were stronger (up to 70 miles pr hour). For about 45 minutes we were in the eye of the storm – it was calm and even sunny. But we didn’t find any birds. At about 5pm I went out on a last walk in the village. I was rather surprised when a goldfinch came flying in from the south – could it be the same as yesterday? But a blackcap and a willow warbler had also come in – so that raises the hopes for tomorrow! By the way we also saw a carrion crow – it is one of two that came in early spring.

But we’re out here to find some yanks. And a red-eyed vireo has been found at Kvísker in southeast Iceland – so there has been some american arrivals up there. Lets hope something will turn up here on this outpost soon!


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