Today was still windy with occasional showers here on the westernmost forepost – Mykines. There was not a single warbler on the island the entire day. Only new arrivals were about 15 purple sandpipers and a whinchat that Søren discovered way out on the Mykineshólmur – the western end of the Faroes. In addition to that 32 golden plovers, 85 barnacle geese and 320 pink-footed geese flew southeast over the island.
So we decided to do some sea watching. And we were not disappointed. Around noon about 25 fulmars passed every single minute and later in the day that number grew to about 60 pr minute. We saw 7 manx shearwaters, 5 sooty shearwaters, 2 pomarine skuas, 5 great skuas, razorbill and one large shearwater sp. The large shearwater was only seen my Mads and me and it was rather distant. It had the size of a fulmar, dark above and light underneath and it seemed like it had a dark spot on the belly – but it was too distant to be sure before it disappeared.

So even tought we probably threw away a great shearwater we were quite satisfied with the extra birding spice that the sea watching offers. Surely we’ll give it a try again tomorrow.


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