Autumn ends

Greenland Greater White-fronted Goose

Late October saw some really nasty weather here on the Faroes and many days were just no suited for birding. But on the good days birding was nice. On the 21th there were both a Greenland Greater White-fronted Goose and the first Greater Whitethroat of the autumn at Svínoy.

Common Whitethroat

On the 22nd a Common Coot was present at Toftavatn and the three Ring-necked Ducks were still at Eiði.

Common Coot

On the 25th the fifth Bullfinch of the autumn was at Kunoy followed by one at Syðrugøta. So a small invasion of this colorful species this autumn. It is far from annual on the Faroes.


On the 26th a late Lesser Black-backed Gull was at Hvalba and on the same day I found a female Steller´s Eider at Sumba. Likely a returning bird for its fifth year though it was last seen in spring of 2019.

Lesser Black-Backed Gull

Steller`s Eider

On the 28th Svein Ole found a juvenile Surf Scoter and it was also present on the 29th, were I got some photos of the bird. It is the 11th national record.

Surf Scoter

A Little Egret was present in Tórshavn in late October and I connected with the bird on the 1st November.

Little Egret

On the 2nd November I found a male hybrid American Black Duck x Mallard at Norðskála. A quite fine and interesting individual carrying a of American Black Duck features.

American Black Duck Hybrid

American Black Duck Hybrid

With a Hermit Thrush in Iceland and a Snowy Owl reported from the mountain tops at Eysturoy November might still have good birds to offer.


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