Paddyfield Warbler

Yellow-browed Warbler

Today I checked Svínoy along with Jórun Pólsdóttir. Strong easerlies have brought in many birds during the last few days, so hopes were high of a good day of birding.

Right upon reaching the village we found a small, wet warbler, which was mostly hiding in a dens bush. It came out for a few seconds and the pale, sandy look, tiny size and strong eyebrow made it either a good acro or a small iduna. At one point it came out into the open, but only for a few seconds, where I managed a few pictures. Then it disappeared.

Paddyfield Warbler

Paddyfield Warbler

Paddyfield Warbler

Due to the very short sightings I didn´t really get a good impression of the bird, but long bill and short primary projection made me hope for a Sykes´s Warbler, which would be a lifer for me. For the next seven hours the bird didn´t show as rain was pouring down and wind was nasty.

A check around the village revealed 5 Yellow-browed Warblers, Lesser Whitethroat and seven Tree Sparrows – the lingering breeding pair and its offspring.

Tree Sparrow

I posted some Back-of-camera photos of the bird and consensus was, that it was a Paddyfield Warbler. This is the 4th national record and the second I´ve found myself.

As I was walking to the ferry I flushed the Paddyfield Warbler from the road side, but didn´t manage any photos as it flew into a dense garden. But after all I did get good enough pictures to clinch the id.

Due to the wind the ferry was coming to the southern bay rather than the north giving us an amazing trip around the island. Truly stunning scenery concluded a great, but cold and wet day of birding.

Western cliffs on Svinoy


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  1. Hej, Im the redactor pf the website and we’d like to publish an free acces article in French about birdwatching to the Feroe Islands, using some of your photos: would it be possible? Naturally, we would credit them and and add a link to your blog. hjerteligt, David

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