Mandt’s Guillemot and Red Kite

Wood Dove

Spring is kind of on hold. We still just manage 5-7 degree celsius and we haven’t had the southeasterlies needed to bring loads of migrants out there.

But things are happening. Great and Arctic Skuas, Whimbrels, Black-tailed Godwits, White Wagtails and Northern Wheatears have all arrived.


Today it was spiced up a bit with 10+ Chiffchaffs, 3 Barn Swallows, 2 Gadwalls, Shoveler, 2 Wood Pigeons and several nice breeding plumage Great Northern Divers.

With several yanks around in Scotland and Iceland including the weekend’s Ring-necked Duck at the Faroes I expect that some yanks could be around somewhere.


Today I checked different sites around the islands. The highlight was the relocation of the Mandt’s Guillemot at Kaldbaksbotn. It’s still in winter plumage and looks very worn. But hopefully it will stay as it moults into breeding plumage.

Today Rodmund checked Suðuroy. There he found a Shoveler and a Red Kite, that has earlier been reported from Sumba. It looks to do fine even though it is mocked by the corvids. The Red Kite looks like the one seen earlier in Velbastaður and not like the bird from Gásadalur due to a broken primary.

Slavonian Grebe

Other birds include a few Hawfinches, 2 Mandarin Ducks and Siskins. Now we just wait for the mega.


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