Kumlien’s Gull and Moorhen


Yesterday I checked the plantation in Tórshavn. The weather was awesome with low winter light. A long-staying juv. Moorhen, two Water Rails and two Chaffinches were the best birds around.

Water Rail

Today I checked different sites on Eysturoy. 22 Iceland Gulls were present in Fuglafirði. All ages were present and I had a good time in spite of quite windy conditions. As always the variation of the Iceland Gulls is impressing.

Iceland Gull


Adult Kumlien’s Gull and 3 w. pale Kumlien’s?

The highlight was an adult well-marked Kumlien’s Gull. It’s been a while since my last adult – and it’s still just January (and lots of wind is hitting us currently from western directions). Maybe there are many more to come?

Kumlien’s Gull


Kumlien’s Gull and 3. w Kumlien’s?

A few more birds had some Kumlien’s traits. If only we could fit them with trackers or something. At least they keep puzzling me in a good way.



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