Winter means gulls

Second winter Iceland Gull

Winter means gulls. White-winged gulls. And finally they have arrived in numbers. Today I spent a few hours birding. A few hours because the day only lasts for a few hours. I checked different harbors in order to look at gulls. It was quite windy, which means that many gulls seek shelter and are easily observed.

There were scattered Iceland and Glaucous Gulls around, but in Fuglafirði there were about 30 Iceland Gulls around. This is the greatest congregation this winter to my knowledge.

Adult Iceland Gull


Iceland Gull and a Kumlien’s Gull-type

Most birds were first winter birds, but second and third winter birds and a few adults were also present.

Third winter pale Kumlien’s Gull?

At least three birds showed threats of ssp. kumlieni though non were really well-marked.

First winter Kumlien’s Gull


Third winter Kumlien’s Gull


Iceland Gull and Kumlien’s Gull


Second winter Iceland Gull

A dark Herring Gull-type resembled American Herring Gull, but weather it’s just an Icelandic Herring Gull (possibly with Glaucous Gull genes refered to as a smith-look-alike) or a true yank is hard to tell for sure. Admittedly the bird could have a more solid dark tail in order to be a classic smith.



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