Paddyfield Warbler

Yellow-browed Warbler

This morning I got up very early as I had to take a preacher from Norway to the airport. He had been at a conference at our church. That left me with the wonderful opportunity to do some birding on Vágar where the airport is located.

In Sørvágur, which is the home town of Rodmund, I found a single Yellow-browed, a Pink-footed Goose and two Common Scoters.

At Vatnsoyrar another Yellow-browed was present, but with wind speed reaching 15 m/s birding for passerines was pretty hard.

Rodmund joined me in Miðvágur, where he found a 1cy Red-backed Shrike and two Yellow-browed were also present there.

We then continued to Sandavágur, where another two Yellow-browed were present. Then we went to Rodmunds house were he cooked a wonderful dinner for us.


Then I went to Vestmanna, where I found another two Yellow-browed. But strong winds made birding quite hard, so I chose to drive back north. At Leynar I passed a garden that I suddenly felt like checking – ’cause it actually looked quite sheltered. At least the leaves on the trees were still there. So I got out of the car and believe it or not – another Yellow-browed was in the garden.

Then I started to walk around the garden when I suddenly spotted a small warbler close to the ground 10 meters away. Quite sandy-brown upper parts, rather short primary projection and obvious pale supercilium with a dark edge above, rounded tail. Bang… The 3rd Paddyfield Warbler for the Faroes and my first self-found!

Paddyfield Warbler


Paddyfield Warbler

I got some really crappy photos and then I called Rodmund, who came just 20 minutes later. We obtained reasonable views of the bird during the next two hours. Then Rodmund had to leave. I decided to try a little longer and finally it came out in the open for longer periods.

Paddyfield Warbler


Paddyfield Warbler

I’ve been looking for a Paddyfield Warbler since forever. I really like those warblers and finally it got on the self-found list that now includes PG Tips, Lancey, Western Bonelli’s, Subalpine, Hume’s Leaf, Melodious, Atctic, Greenish… maybe Radde’s or Booted is up next?


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