Most expected new to the Faroes

Wood Warbler at Viðareiði two days ago

The only regular “birding effort” has been the heligoland trap on Nólsoy, where species like Paddyfield Warbler, Green Warbler, Radde’s Warbler and Melodious Warbler have been caught.

Other than that most birding has been rather random with groups visiting every now and then – and tourists or locals finding weird things – like an Amur Falcon photographed with an Iphone on the stairs, or a man happening to hit a Scops Owls with the car or catch a Blue-cheeked Bee-eater on a trawler or catch an Atlantic Yellow-nosed Albatross during long-line fishery.

It is hard to say which record is the best Faroese record, but besides the above mentioned Sandhill Crane, Needled-tailed Swift, Lesser Kestrel, Common Nighthawk, Black-and-white Warbler, Tennessee Warbler and the american subspecies of Long-legged Buzzard are surely some of them. But probably Amur Falcon is the weirdest record so far.

But just how random the records are can clearly be seen by looking at the birds not recorded yet. My personal and updated top eleven as most likely national firsts in random order are:

1. Pallid Harrier

2. American Golden Plover

3. Spotted Sandpiper

4. Lesser Yellowlegs

5. Temminck’s Stint

6. American Herring Gull

7. Black-throated Thrush

8. Greater Short-toed Lark

9. Booted Warbler

10. Firecrest

11. Red-eyed Vireo

Now let’s see what the autumn brings. And autumn is about to start. So far Wryneck, Wood Warbler, several Willow Warblers, Spotted Flycatcher and Grey Phalarope have been recorded.

This evening David Lindo aka the urban birder is gonna visit for 6 days. The weather forecast looks less than ideal, but hopefully some good birding is due in the concrete jungle of the Faroes. Tomorrow we will do serious urban birding on the heavily populated Svínoy (10 residents). Hopefully some good migrants will be around.



3 comments on “Most expected new to the Faroes

  1. Many easy ones here. My guess is on 2 and 11.

  2. Rodmund á Kelduni says:

    Well, i´ve got at different wiev on the matter, the most expected new to the Faroes i belive are 1. American Black Scoter 2. Booted Warbler 3. Firecrest 4. American Whimbrel 5. Western Sandpiper 6. Thayers Gull 7. Spotted Sandpiper 8. Blackpoll Warbler 9. Lesser Yellowlegs 10. Red Head 11. American Golden Plover

    Geir, i am confident that no. 2 and 11 are not the first ones to be seen. 😉
    If i should take a guess on first and second on Silas´es list i would say 9 and 10 for sure.

  3. birdingfaroes says:

    This list might not be entirely based on numbers from surrounding countries, but rather on instinct… But the cool thing is that nature surprises us all 🙂 Who talked about Black-tailed Gull and Yellow-rumped Flycatcher (yes flycatcher).

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