Summer birding

Sunset at 23:00

Spring has turned into summer. This means that the thrill of spring is over. But with all the far eastern migrants around us maybe something good is yet to turn up before the real birding season kicks off in mid august. Oriental Plovers and Swifts would be welcome additions to the Faroese list.

Since my last post Rodmund managed to find the second Curlew Sandpiper for the Faroes on Sandoy – a nice red adult bird. And visiting birder Frank Engelen reported a male Common Rosefinch in Tórshavn s few days ago.

Slavonian Grebe

Otherwise it has mostly been summer birding, which equals counting and photographing breeding birds in good light. During the last few weeks I’ve encountered a nice Slavonian Grebe in Funningsfjørður along with a Tufted Duck.

Black-tailed Godwit

Black-tailed Godwits are also returning as a flock of 15 birds were in Kirkjubø last Sunday.

Some Red-throated Divers gave amazing views a few days ago. They seem to be doing quite well this year.

Red-throated Diver


Red-throated Diver


Red-throated Diver

Numbers of Red-necked Phalaropes also seems to increase and this summer they have been seen in locations, where they were not formerly known to breed.

Red-necked Phalarope


Red-necked Phalarope

But maybe there are a few good birds out there. I’ve found Melodious and Subalpine Warbler in July, so maybe there is a gem somewhere out there waiting to be found.




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