American Wigeon

Common Rosefinch

3 days ago I checked Svínoy. It was rather quiet and rainy, so birding was somewhat difficult. But apart for a few Chiffs here and some Chaffs there joined by a few Willow Warblers there wansn’t much around. But as so many times before after 13:00 new birds started arriving and soon I found a red Common Rosefinch in a garden. But nothing else of notice turned up.

Carrion Crow – scary much?


Carrion Crow

Two days ago I did a little birding on Eysturoy and Streymoy. A Common Pochard and a Carrion Crow were at Toftavatn and a Gadwall was at Eiði.

American Wigeon

But the highlight turned out to be a male American Wigeon in Kollafirði. Only my second self-found American Wigeon. Always a nice bird to see.

American Wigeon


American Wigeon, female Wigeon (?) and Oystercatcher



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