The Robin was still present in Kunoy

This morning I headed to Kunoy to see if I could nail the Bonelli’s Warbler. To do that there were two options. DNA or Call. Obviously DNA would not happen as I don’t have permission to mist-net birds. So I had to hear the bird.

I parked the car at the church and after 2 minutes I had relocated the bird. It really isn’t that hard when it is in a tree with hardly any leaves left on it. After a while it flew to the cemetery and I decided to do some video while playing Eastern and Western Bonelli’s Warbler. The result was interesting. The bird did not react at all while playing Eastern, but came within 3 meters distance when playing Western. I will link to a video later!

Western Bonelli's Warbler

Western Bonelli’s Warbler

But still the bird didn’t call. So I waited and waited. And all of a sudden… du-iiiippp. YES! Loud, long, deep, upturning and clear call. Surely a Western Bonelli’s Warbler! In total I have followed the bird for about 5 hours, and it only called on three occasions. But only one call and the time. So I didn’t manage to record it. But it is nailed! The first Western Bonelli’s Warbler for the Faroes!

Sheep were the only twitchers present and the Western Bonelli's Warbler

Sheep were the only twitchers present at the Western Bonelli’s Warbler

I wanted to raise money for homeless cats of Svínoy by asking all the twitchers to donate 10 Danish kroner. But only the local sheep seemed interested – so another national first goes by untwitched. Sorry for the non-existing homeless cats on Svínoy. I guess that it only happens on the Faroes (in Europe) that a national first is found without anyone trying to see it.

Today Fair Isle and Utsira got their Siberian Accentors. Many people have told me to find one. When Utsira can do it the Faroes can do it. We even rank higher on the fifa football list than Norway currently – so why not beat them with Siberian Accentors too? Maybe Atli, Geir and Frode should have become soccer players instead of birders! Oh, the days of Ole Gunnar and Ståle, lefser, gudbrandsdalsost, multebær and Tine Milk. Sometimes I miss Norway. But let’s see.

Today I also checked Àrnafirði, where I found a Dunnock and a Reed Bunting. When a Dunnock can turn up a Siberian Accentor could make the voyage too. Let’s see what tomorrow brings!

In Klaksvík a flock of Redpolls was present including a nice pale individual.





Quite a few Waxwings are also present including 7 in my garden.



I have received quite a few comments on the wagtail, that Rodmund saw in Sørvágur. Due to the narrow wingbars and head pattern it could be an Eastern Yellow Wagtail type, but it seems that most everybody agrees that is in fact just another Citrine Wagtail.


Citrine Wagtail!? – Rodmund á Kelduni

Citrine Wagtail!? - photos by Rodmund á Kelduni

Citrine Wagtail!? – photos by Rodmund á Kelduni



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