No I'm not a White-billed Diver

No I’m not a White-billed Diver

It is cold again. 100 meters above sea level the ground is covered with snow. There is an old saying that states that when the terns arrive is it always associated with bad weather – “ternusnert”. The first major flocks of terns arrived two days ago – and today it snows.

Anyways the american adventure has continued. An American Wigeon has been found by Karl Thomsen at Norðagøta and another one by Rodmund at Sandoy. So within a week 3 Ring-necked Ducks, 2 Green-winged Teals, 2 American Wigeons, American Back Duck and a Greater Yellowlowgs have been seen. Previously there were 23 records of American ducks (not counting sea ducks) so it is an addition of almost 35% within a weak. Amazing…

Søren Sørensen sent a mail describing how the statics are pro Greater Yellowlegs being seen before Lesser. Tenneessee Warbler was seen before any Yellow-rumped Warblers or Red-eyed Vireos (still not records), Amur Falcon was seen before Red-footed Falcon (still no records), DNA-confirmed Green Warbler seen before Greenish Warbler (now 2 records), and several Pechora, Olive-backed and a single Buff-breasted Pipit seen before any Richard’s Pipits were recorded (now 2 records). So now it’s time for Calandra, Bimaculated or Black Lark before the first Greater Short-toed Lark!

White-billed Diver

White-billed Diver and snow

Yesterday Janus sent a link to a blurred picture of a diver that looked like it had a yellow bill. So I checked it yesterday, but couldn’t relocate it. So I tried again today and after several hours I found a stunning White-billed Diver. Only the 4th for the Faroes. Rodmund came right away from Tórshavn to see it and we enjoyed great views of the bird.

White-billed Diver a4

White-billed Diver


So it spite of snow we had great day!





2 comments on “Snow…

  1. Ke says:

    Great stories and photos. I will be visiting the Faeroes on a cruise on 7th August. Would you be available to show me the birds? If not, do you know anyone else who could? I am a lecturer on wildlife on the ship and a keen wildlife photographer,
    Thank you

  2. Kevin Elsby says:

    Excellent stories and birds and photographs. I am visiting the Faeroes on 7th August from 08:00 – 15:00 on a cruise ship – I am lecturer on wildlife. I wonder if you would be able to show me the birds on that day? If not do you know anyone else who could?

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