Gyr Falcon

Sparrow Hawk

Sparrow Hawk

Today I went birding in Tórshavn, because my wife had some stuff to do there. I went to check a place called Sandágerð. After watching the sea for a few moments a strange sight caught my eye. About 500 meters away 20-30 crows and several gulls were chasing a white bird that flew just a few meters above the surface. I wasn’t enriely white though as dark spots were obvious. But due to the distance details were hard to obtain.

My first thought was, that it was a Snowy Owl being chased by the gulls and crows. My camera was in the back of the car, so I didn’t get any pictures.

The bird flew towards the shore and soon I lost it behind the hills. So I hurried to the place where I last spotted the bird. But I couldn’t relocate it, but the noisy crows indicated that it wasn’t far away.

I chose to drive to a place with better overview of the area, but as I drove a flock of crows were spotted 200 meters to the south up the mountain side. And now I found the bird again. Long tail, pointed wings, white belly, white wings with black spots and some damage or moult on the one wing – wow, a pale morph Gyr Falcon!!!

Gyr Falcon

Gyr Falcon and Crows


Gyr Falcon and Crow

Gyr Falcon and Crow

I ran for the camera, but wrong settings, bad light and increasing distance made it impossible to get good photos.

The bird was still chased by crows and rapidly gained hight while flying away from me untill I lost it.

Sparrow Hawk

Sparrow Hawk

I then used several hours looking for it, but only managed to find a Sparrow Hawk.



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