Welcome party

Lesser Whitethroat (eastern?)

Lesser Whitethroat (eastern?)

Yesterday my family and I came home to the Faroe Islands, where we are going to stay for a month. Of course I have been following the wind charts, latest sightings and the stock marked.

So I was excited to come home to enjoy the arrival of migrant birds. After picking up a rental car in Tórshavn I made a quick stop in Hvalvík, where 5 Yellow-browed Warblers were present. Kinda cool welcome-party right?

Barred Warbler

Barred Warbler

Today I met with 3 Swiss birders and together we went to Svínoy. We had high hopes just as Pink Floyd, but the island chose to challenge our patience.

During the first hours the only migrants seen were a putative eastern type Lesser Whitethroat, Chiffchaff and a Willow Warbler.

So our hope had to be that we had either overlooked something or that new birds would arrive. So we had our lunch and started birding again.

First Chaffinch was seen. Then a Barred Warbler was located. Then a second and normal looking Lesser Whitethroat was seen. Then 2-3 Chiffchaffs were around.

And then while walking on my own I saw a passerine on a wall. What? That’s a freaking nightingale…

Common Nightingale

Common Nightingale

Yes, it was. And it was just sitting there on the wall. So I needed to see it better to confirm what it was. But it flew off to the church yard and then down the village. So I rushed down to the Swiss knifes, but the bird had just landed in front of them. During the next hours we obtained good views and had to id the bird as the second ever Common Nightingale for the Faroes – rather than a Thrush Nightingale due to lack of malar stribe, markings on breast and Garden Warblerish grey neck. But it is ok anyways.

Luscinia a7

Luscinia a5

Luscinia a4

Common Nightingale

While watching the Common Nightingale another Barred Warbler and a Yellow-browed Warbler were also located.

Svínoy – you are my darling!



One comment on “Welcome party

  1. Patrik Wildjang (Stockholm, Sweden) says:

    Great stuff and nice to read that you´re back on duty Silas!
    Heading off for Eggegrund B.O tomorrow and a 8 days ringing session.
    It seems like anything can show up an Autumn like this…
    Good luck and continue to trawl for some more goodies!

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