Sensation or?

Falcon 1


On the 24th of June Selma Mc Intosh photographed this falcon on her porch in Tórshavn on the Faroe Islands. The bird was not shy and stayed around the house for a while, where Selma managed to photograph the bird.

There are only two pictures available, but they seem to suggest that the falcon is in deed an Amer Falcon, which has been comfirmed by several birders experienced with the species.

Falcon 2

The origin of the bird is not known. As mentioned it did not appear shy and as the pictures show it was sitting on a door step.  Tórshavn is not the first place an exhausted bird could land as it would have reached other places before reaching Tórshavn. But on the other hand it could simply have looked for a good place to rest before coming down. And it wouldn’t be the first bird behaving weird after reaching the Faroe Islands are crossing the sea.  So it doesn’t need to suggest captive origin.

Do Amur Falcons even appear in captivity?

It will be exciting the follow the conclusions reached by the danish rarities comity about this possible mega rarity.

Silas Olofson

One comment on “Sensation or?

  1. erikleo says:

    Great pic and amazing story! I see you have the same theme (Quintus) as me!

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