Eastern Stonechat?

Eastern Stonechat?

              Eastern Stonechat?

On the 3rd of September I was birding in Vestmanna. The place was loaded with birds – Wryneck, Wood Warbler, Willow Warblers etc.

Between 18:24:19 and 18:24:20 I photographed a Saxicola. I didn’t see it with my bins, but got 5 identical pictures of it before it flew off. I searched for it for 5 minutes, but it was gone. And there were three reasons why I didn’t pursue it:

1) In the pouring rain it didn’t strike me as anything else but a Whinchat.

2) The thought of it being an Eastern type Stonechat didn’t even strike my as it was only early September (would’t it be like claiming Yellow-browed in August?). Then I found out that the only Faroese record is of a female on the 9th of September 1946… hmm…

3) In the garden I had earlier caught glimpses of a pale acro with a strong eyebrow. I saw it twice, but didn’t nail it before it got dark. So I didn’t use too much time chasing the Whinchat…

Eastern Stonechat?

                Eastern Stonechat?           

After having looked at the picture again of the Saxicola it really looks like an Eastern Stonechat… Comments are welcome.



5 comments on “Eastern Stonechat?

  1. Snorri Brend says:

    Gott arbeiði, tú ger.

    Men finst nakað á føroyskum máli — tað er líkasum lættari at formidla tað hjá okkum enn at seta okkum við orðabók og fuglabók og annað … he he

    Vit hoyrast!

  2. Patrik Wildjang says:

    Hi Silas, I agree with the previous comments about eastern stonechat a female type (Saxicola torquatus maurus) with apparent pale clean pattern on upper rump, typical back and faint supercilium etc. Well, it’s weather-wise a pretty early Autumn already with a bunch of yellow-brows, olive-backed and Richard’s pipits in Sweden at least.
    I’m going ringing at Eggegrund B.O next week hoping for some unsteady weather situations, behaving like a wall along the Swedish east coast…

  3. Kristoffer Lager says:

    I asked the Swedish guy Magnus Hellström, who is really good with these species. He gave me a short reply. “Kul, en 100% säker vitgumpad” (Fun, a 100 % Eastern stonechat)

  4. Magnus Hellström says:

    IMO opinion there is no doubt that this is an Eastern Stonechat (fully acceptable as your second). But specifying it further (to ssp level) will be much harder. /Magnus

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