Back home!



I returned from Turkey to the Faroe Islands a few days ago and I will spend the autumn here. Last year my wife and I bought an old house in the village of Hvannasund. It needs some attention before it can deserve to be called a proper home, so I am probable gonna swing a hammer more than my bins this autumn.

But during the last two days I was reminded why nothing beats birding on the Faroe Islands in autumn.

Rose-coloured Starling

Rose-coloured Starling

Yesterday I ordered some timber, which was dumped in front of our house. When I went to pick it up a juvenile Rose-coloured Starling was sitting on the timber. If flew off to my neighbours roof. Only my third ever on the Faroe Islands. And it was still flying around the house today.

Our house  is the white one- can you spot where where the Rose-coloured Starling was sitting?

Our house is the white one- can you spot where where the Rose-coloured Starling was sitting?

Rose-coloured Starling

Rose-coloured Starling

The last few days have offered southeasterly winds. And after yesterdays Rose-coloured Starling I took two hours off and went to Àrnafirði 5 minutes drive away. And again I was reminded just why birding of the Faroes is awesome.

Common Rosefinches

Common Rosefinches

First Willow Warbler, then Common Rosefinch, then Barred Warbler, then Garden Warbler, then Blackcap, then Wryneck, then another Wryneck, then another Common Rosefinch…



Wow, massive arrivals in a Faroese  perspective. And remember that this is one small village that is not a hot spot as such. I wonder what Svínoy contains…



The day’s total numbers were Rose-coloured Starling 1, Wryneck 2, Common Rosefinch 3, Willow Warbler 5, Barred Warbler 1, Garden Warbler 2, Blackcap 1 along with the common stuff.

Common Rosefinch

Common Rosefinch

Autumn has come. Now I will only settle for a national first 🙂



6 comments on “Back home!

  1. Mads Bunch says:

    Totally awesome Silas! Soo wish I could join, but, Alas, teaching semester starts tomorrow. How long are you going to stay? I might, if the weather forecast looks crazy, fly up for 4 days or something during September, if you are there and have time to bird!

  2. Patrik Wildjang (Stockholm, Sweden) says:

    Hi Silas!
    It looks like the beginning of a new “bird-observatory” at the Faroe Islands!
    I assume you will make a nice garden with some dense bushes etc ASAP!
    Keep it up!

    • birdingfaroes says:

      I already have some nice old trees in the garden, but not a dense wilderness just yet!

      Which bushes and tress should I go for?

      • Patrik Wildjang (Stockholm, Sweden) says:

        Well, various berry-bushes and those quick-growing plants from both the salix family always attracts warblers and other species. Maybe rhododendron and Thuja occidentalis could be an alternative too just to get some green stuff fast growing.

      • Mads Bunch says:

        Talk to Søren Sørensen! He did a lot of research back in the day, when he wanted to find the right species to plant next to the most Westerly placed house at Mykines right next to the lighthouse (even though the plan wasn’t carried out). Best, Mads

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