Glossy Ibises


Glossy Ibis at Tvøroyri - photo by Turið Vestergaard í Dali

Glossy Ibis at Tvøroyri – photo by Turið Vestergaard í Dali

Well, the year had barely started before the first big birding surprise unfolded on the Faroe Islands. Earlier today a few “black” Whimbrels were reported in Tvøroyri, Suðuroy. Turid Vestergaard í Dali went to look for them in order to get some photos and find out what it actually was. She managed to locale some of the birds – which turned out to be Glossy Ibises. Only the third record for the Faroes.

People have seen at least 5 birds together and they might have been around since christmas. They might have been seen in the village of Hvalba a bit further north on Suðuroy too.

Glossy Ibis at Tvøroyri - photo by Turið Vestergaard í Dali

Glossy Ibis at Tvøroyri – photo by Turið Vestergaard í Dali

So where do the birds come from? There have been severe westerly storms recently, so the birds might have a North American origin. Yann Kolbeinsson pointed out that North America has been hit by severe cold weather lately, which might have forced birds to migrate eastwards.

Mike Pennington photographed a single bird on Unst, Shetland, today. So there could be several Glossy Ibises out there.

I am in Turkey, so I’m not trying to twitch the birds (and that also explains the lack of activity on this blog). If you wish to follow my birding in Turkey go to



One comment on “Glossy Ibises

  1. Rodmund á Kelduni says:

    Hi Silas.

    Why speculate in American Glossy Ibise´s ??

    There have since 16.12.2013 to 10.01.2014 been reported in : Ireland at least 18 different birds, In England at least 12 different birds here i include Orkney and Shetland.

    So why this fuzz ?

    As you should know, there are a lot og Glossy Ibises wintering i England and Ireland, NOT all Glossy Ibises go south in the winter.

    These birds we have here at the Faroes, do fit very well in to the timespect with those repported in England and Ireland.

    I can´t see any thing poynting in direction og why these birds should come from America !!

    Further more, i have a Russian Jackdaw at the island Suðuroy.

    All the best

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