Yellow-browed party

Yellow-browed Warbler

Yellow-browed Warbler

Today I went birding with swedish birder Patrik Wildjang and Willy and Sven. First we went to check Àrnafirði. There we found a Willow Warbler and 1-2 Yellow-browed Warblers. And a large Black-and-white Wagtail calling like Citrine flew over – but could not be relocated.

Yellow-browed Warbler

Yellow-browed Warbler

Then we continued to Hvannasund, but it was very windy, so we soon headed on to Viðareiði. There we found no less than 4-5 Yellow-browed Warblers and a Common Rosefinch.

But the highlight was an Icterine Warbler, that gave very good views.

Icterine Warbler

Icterine Warbler

Icterine Warbler

Icterine Warbler

After Viðareiði we went to Kunoy, where another two Yellow-browed Warblers and 1-2 Blackcaps were seen. And the Two-barred Crossbill that has been around for a month almost flew over at one point.

Icterine Warbler

Yellow-browed Warbler

So all in all we saw 7-9 Yellow-browed Warblers. On days like this, where you get the feeling that something really good could turn up, but you only see “semi-good” birds you cannot help wondering: “What would we see on Svínoy today” or “if all the islands were checked how many hundreds of Yellow-browed would be found in the entire country?”.

And it is probably only on the Faroe Islands (and maybe Shetland) that the combination of 7-9 Yellow-browed, Common Rosefinch and Two-barred Crossbill in a day leaves you with the impression that there was potential for even more…

Patrick the swedish guy with starts in his eyes after seeing all the Yellow-browed - I was more exciteded my a possible Linnet heard by Patrick... But we couldn't find it.

Patrick the swedish guy with starts in his eyes after seeing all the Yellow-browed – I was more exciteded by a possible Linnet heard by Patrick… But we couldn’t find it.

The south-easterly winds that brought all the birds have turned into south-westerlies, so I do not expect a lot before the 22th, where good winds could occur again. But on the 28th to 30th it looks like things could get really crazy with bad weather AND easterly winds – the combination that could bring in loads of sibes!

Silas Olofson

5 comments on “Yellow-browed party

  1. Mads Bunch says:

    damn, I so wish I could be there Silas. Good luck to all of you guys!

  2. There is clearly Yellow-browed Warblers on the move. In Norway, a staggering 70 birds have just been reported from Værøy, Nordland (21st September 2013), a doubling of the previous Norwegian single site day record of 35 from Utsira, Rogaland, dated 5th October 2005.

    • birdingfaroes says:

      The Faroese record is 19 birds present on one island (but all seen by only one birder). The 7-9 birds a few days ago were seen in 3 small villages on the Northern Islands of the Faroes. If real migration hotspots were checked (Nólsoy, Svínoy, Sandoy, Suðuroy) the total numbers would be much higher.

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