Blyth’s Reed Warbler


BLR a1

Blyth’s Reed Warble

There is something about my father in law. The first time he showed me a spot where I might see some birds I found a Citrine Wagtail.

Today he called me and said that a friend of his had called him, because a starling-sized black and white bird was in his garden. So I went with him to Hvannasund to look for it.

I found a Garden Warbler, Robins and lots of White Wagtails, but nothing else. So I continued checking all the gardens in Hvannasund and in the southernmost one I found an acro. The garden is so little that the bird couldn’t hide.

Blyth's Reed Warble

Blyth’s Reed Warble

Soon it got quite exciting as it called with a rather harsh teck. At the same time it showed olive-brown upper parts. Soon after it revealed a short primary projection and “banana” poisture. On the photos the wing formula looked diagnostic – the second Blyth’s Reed Warbler for the Faroes was a reality thanks to my father in law. The first one I found just a few kilometers away two years ago in september.

Other good birds around include a Carrion Crow at Viðareiði and the autumns first Lesser Whitethroat in Àrnafirði.


3 comments on “Blyth’s Reed Warbler

  1. Mads Bunch says:

    Fuck, I can’t wait to get up there again. October 2013 was just awesome. Thanks for arranging Silas. One day we will do it again!

  2. Mads Bunch says:

    2011 it was, sorry!

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