I’ve moved

Sorry to disappoint you guys and my faroese tick list and the danish rairtes comittee. But I’ve moved to Turkey. But don’t worry. I’m still birding and you can read about my birding activities on: www.birdingturkey.wordpress.com

I might write a few things on birdingfaroes as well, but I’d suggest that you check www.faroenature.net in case you’re really interested in what’s going on on the Faroe Islands.





2 comments on “I’ve moved

  1. Jan Jörgensen (JanJ) says:

    May I ask why Silas?



  2. Risser Serge says:

    more information about Faroes… thanks !
    Hi Jan, my wife and I are planning to visit Faroes from June 30th up to July 9th, what place do you advise us to visit for birding. I take some notes according to your web site but any further indications are interesting us. Thanks a lot. Serge & Viviane, Grenoble, France.

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