Caspian Tern

Caspian Tern at Damhussøen – photo taken with my cell phone…

I haven’t had much time for birding during the last few days here in Denmark. And it has been very quiet anyways. A Terek Sandpiper in Sønderjylland is the only rarity around, but hopefully some other good shorebirds will arrive soon. Greater Sand Plover in Norway gives a little inspiration at least.

Today I went to visit a family member in Copenhagen. That gave me the opportunity to check Damhussøen. A few Lesser Black-backed Gulls were the highlight – until a nice adult Caspian Tern flew by just 15 meters away. Of course I didn’t have my camera with me, but I managed to get some distant shots with my cell phone. The bird flew around the lake and dived on several occasions.

Caspian Tern at Damhussøen

Caspian Tern is not that common in Denmark and I’ve only found two of them before. But finding one in the middle of Copenhagen when you expect it the least, well, that is surely nice.



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