View from Slættaratindur

Migration has really slowed down, but the good weather and better temperatures have come. So yesterday Julianna, my wife, and I went to Slættaratindur – the highest mountain on the Faroes. The weather was good and after getting to the summit we got stunning views to all sites. The Faroes at its best.

Me enjoying the view


View from Slættaratindur

Today two danish birders, Gitte and Allan Kruse, and I went out birding. First we checked Viðareiði, where we saw a Willow Warbler and 8 Barn Swallows, so clearly something had arrived. But nothing more was seen.

Diluted Hooded Crow

We then decided to go to Svínoy. Normally there live 10-15 people on the island, but just today (and tomorrow) there is a festival out there, so there were people all over and therefore birding was difficult. But we did manage to find two Willow Warblers on the bushes and two deluted Hooded Crows were also found.

White-tailed Blackbird

But the highligh came when I found a Velvet Scoter and two Common Scoters at the bay. Velvet Scoter is rather uncommon on the Faroes and this was actually my first self-found Velvet Scoter, so I was quite happy with the day.

Velvet and Common Scoter


Velvet and Common Scoter


Peaks at Múli


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