Snow storm in june…

OK, it’s time for an update. Temperatures have been very low. It’s about 6 degrees outside and new snow covers the mountains – and it’s JUNE! The grass has barely begin to grow. I talked to an old man at Svínoy some days ago – he had never experienced anything like this. Where is the summer?

The cold weather has had a severe impact on the birds. Many breeding species have been much delayed and this year probably will not be a good breeding season for many species.

Common Rosefinch – Árnafjørður

When it comes to migration is it has been very poor too. Migration normally slows down after medio june, but as it didn’t start in the first place there was nothing to slow down. OK, it wasn’t quite that bad. During the last few days a few birds have arrived. I found a Common Rosefinch at Hvannasund and two Garden Warblers at Viðareiði yesterday. And a visiting finnish birder has found two Marsh Warblers on Suðuroy – so something has arrived.

Garden Warbler – Viðareiði

Common Rosefinch – Àrnafjørður

Today I discovered a Great Northern Driver and finally I understood the name – it does make sence 🙂

Great Northern Driver

Yesterday I checked Eiði. There were good numbers of ducks including a female Greater Scaup – and much to my surprise the Tree Sparrow was still present, but very shy.

Female Greater Scaup and male Tufted Duck - Eiði

Female Greater Scaup and male Tufted Duck – Eiði

Tree Sparrow – Eiði



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