Pied Flycatcher – only two records in may 2012

There is nothing to report. The winds are northerly AGAIN. Temperatures are down to 2 C in the night and the mountain tops are white again. Not COOL – or way too COOL in fact. So in order to post something I’ve made a review. At first I thought I would do it for may alone – like the Utsira people. But much to my dismay may was so bad that I found out that I might as well write about the whole year so far…

The only new species for the Faroes this year was a Bonaparte’s Gulls – a 2cy found by Rodmund on the 11th of january. Otherwise the Iceland Gull invasion from january to may was very interesting – more than 4000 Iceland Gulls were seen.

In march a Ring-billed Gull and a Smew were found and in april a pair of Harlequin Ducks and a Great Tit were seen.

May was cold. There were about 25 days with some sort of northerly wind. It is terrible for migrants. In good days you can see more than 100 Whinchats – this year none have been seen. The total number of Redstarts is two, Pied Flycatcher 2, Lesser Whitethroat 2, Common Whitethroat 1, Hawfinch 2, Swift 0, Red-backed Shrike 1… well, temperatures below zero on many days in may just isn’t good.

Pectoral Sandpiper – Eiði

But a few good birds have been seen: Brunnich’s Guilmott 2 (probably due to the cold weather and northerly winds), King Eider 1, Tree Sparrow 2, Pectoral Sandpiper 1 – and finally the best bird in may was the second Lesser Scaup for the Faroes. But this just wasn’t a good spring for rarities. Let’s see what june may give!

Lesser Scaup – Eiði



One comment on “Review

  1. Ingrid says:

    HI, we are Roland and Ingrid from the netherlands. Thanks for writing your blog in English, I have been checking it since the last months. Fun to read! This month we will be visiting the faroer islands! Looking forward to it, hopefully the weather will inprove a littlebit ;-). Best regards.

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