I managed to get out for a few hours today. It only takes about ½ an hour to drive to Eiði, so I did just that. I wanted to get some better photos of the Lesser Scaup and see if there was anything else to find. But the Lesser Scaup turned out to be a one-day-wonder. I couldn’t relocate it anywhere on the lake.

Pec Sand – Eiði

The Tree Sparrow was also gone, but the Pectoral Sandpiper was still around. So I decided to check Hvalvík and Saksun before going back home. In Hvalvík there was a singing Willow Warbler and five Dunlins.

Saksun is a very beautiful place and there is a small lake. There were a few Tufted Ducks and a Red-throated Diver, but nothing rare. So I checked the gardens and soon I found a bird with a reddish-brown head in a tree. This time is was not a shrikish Tree Sparrow but a female Red-backed Shrike – my first this year.

Female Red-backed Shrike – Saksun

After coming back home I did a late check in Árnafirði where a Blackcap and a Siskin were present.

Tame siskin – click to enlarge




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