Willow Warbler – Hvalvík

There seem to rarities all over – except for the Faroes. Yesterday I checked Eysturoy and Streymoy. I only saw a Pochard, some Barn Swallows, a Garden Warbler, some Wood Pigeons, Blackcaps, Willow Warblers… but nothing rare.

Today I first went to Viðareiði, where I saw my first House Martin og the year. The Mallard x American Black Duck was also present at gave very good views. Normallly it is rather shy.

Mallard x American Black Duck – Viðareiði

Mallard x American Black Duck – Viðareiði

Mallard x American Black Duck – Viðareiði

Then I went to Vágar, where I saw a pair of Gadwalls, some Barn Swallows and nothing more. Where are the rare birds? They are there… let me go back to yesterday. I checked the plantation in Hvalvík. When I walked in the plantation I heard two crex-sounds – what? A Corncrake? I listened for another 30 minutes but didn’t hear it again, so it was probably just a starling… or so I thought.

The Corncrake place

I passed the same place at about 23:00 this evening. It was 10 C and almost no wind. The place is a delta with large hay fields. So I stopped and after 10  minutes I heard the crex-sound. Wow, it surely was a Corncrake, but it was reluctant to say much – only a few crex’es now and then quite far away. But after a while I finally managed to get a very poor quality sound recording of the bird – the bird can be heard here: but you need some good speakers!

But well, a good record in deed! Corncrake has bread on the Faroes until 1938, but todays bird was the first in 24 years!



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