Exotic surprise

Siskin in Árnafirði

A calm and sunny day has ended. When I drove the kids to the kindergarten this morning it was cold – about 2 C. But cold weather often equals sunny days. So after finishing work I went out for a few hours to enjoy the sun.

My brother-in-law found a male Pochard at Árnafirði two days ago, so there is something happening. And today was the best day so far this spring when it comes numbers.

Chiffchaff in Hvannasund

First I checked Hvannasund, where I found a few Chiffchaffs. But I soon headed north to Viðareiði. There were Meadow Pipits and Wheatears all over the place – and about 50 White Wagtails. So it was actually quite exciting. I decided to take a long walk around the village.

Great Skua in Viðareiði

After 5 minutes the years first Spotted Flycatcher sat of a fence – and I managed to get some photos, but it was chased around by Wheatears all the time.

Spotted Flycatcher in Viðareiði

All of a sudden two small ducks flew over my head. Hm… it took a few seconds to process the impression, but well – it were two male Mandarin Ducks. I’ve never seen them on the Northern Islands before, so it was a nice and exotic surprise. They landed in an area with no public access, so I didn’t get any good pics.

Mandarin Ducks in Viðareiði

A few moments later an American Black Duck x Mallard hybrid flew over – it has been seen now and then during some years now.

Mandarins with Fugloy in the background

A few Dunlins and about 50 Golden Plovers provided a little more excitement, but no rarities were among them. In Klaksvík a single Iceland Gull is still present.



2 comments on “Exotic surprise

  1. Kent Olsen says:

    Er det ikke en løvsanger du har fotograferet i Hvannasund? Lang primærprojektion og hovedtegning siger i mine øjne Løvsanger

    • birdingfaroes says:

      Jo, det kan godt være… hæftede mig i felten ved den brune overside (mere grønlig på løvs) og kulsorte ben (orange/lyse på løvs)… men projektionen ser nu godt nok lang ud.

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