The temperature has reached 11 C and the snow is gone from the vallies. It’s feeling more and more spring-like. Several Long-eared Owls have been reported during the last few days, so I guess there are many of them scattered around the islands.

Today I was out for about 1½ hours. I went directly to Toftavatn where I found about 10 Tufted Ducks, 1 Common Goldeneye, two Red-throated Divers and 6 Wigeons. So I hurried to Rituvík. In the bay I found 5 Great Norhtern Divers and two Teals.

I had to be a Gøtu a little before 18:00, so I had to choose between checking the gardens at Rituvík or Æðuvík. Æðuvík is smaller and the gardens are easier to overlook. I’ve found birds like Melodious Warbler there, so it surely is a nice spot. But today I decided to check Rituvík.

I went straight to the biggest garden. As soon as I came I heard a Great Tit-call. But after 5 minutes with no further calls and no bird seen I was sceptical – it was probably just a Starling or something making a weird call. I was just about to leave when I had one last look into garden. WHAT??? A nice Great Tit was posing on the fence. But after 1½ second it disappeared into the garden.

Great Tit at Rituvík - 4th record for the Faroes

I had to leave in 10 minutes in order to get to Gøtu and as time passed by I was convinced that I had to get this one accepted by the RC on a description. But as always a picture says more than a thousand words – and reality says more than a thousand pictures. So I was delighted when the Great Tit finally gave good views and was documented properly.

Great Tit at Rituvík - 4th record for the Faroes

Great Tit is just one of those birds… There have been 3 records of 6 individuals including some birds being present for almost 5 months. But all the recent sightings of Great Tit (and the sole faroese record of Blue Tit) were kept secret, so I didn’t get to see any of them. But well, now I’ve found my own, so I’m happy.

The weather look almost ideal during the next few days for migrants arriving, so a visit to Svínoy in the coming days could produce something good.




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