It’s beginning

Snow on the Alps

I came home from Turkey yesterday night and today I went out for a couple of hours. It is still cold and it snowed on a few occasions during the day. But the snow has gone from the vallies by now.

I made a transit in Munich yesterday and it was as cold as 2 C. And there was still a whole lot of snow in the Alps. So maybe some of the “sun loving” migrants are a little reluctant for come too far north.

Brambling in Hvannasund

Well, today I first checked Viðareiði and Hvannasund. There really was not much to see except for a good portion of Redwings, a few Robins and a Brambling.

Chiffchaff in Árnafirði

In Àrnafirði it was much better. No less than 5 Chiffchaffs, several Robins, a Reed Bunting and two Red-throated Divers were present. So something is happening in spite of the cold weather. It’s the beginning of the magical month of may!

Effective Gannet with GBB Gull and Herring Gull

In Klaksvík there was only one single Iceland Gull left and a Gannet was fishing off the coast.

The last Iceland Gull - a 1w.

While I’ve been gone there hasn’t happened much. The most exciting thing is that the male and female Harlequin Duck reappeared at Syðrugøtu – so maybe I should use 15 minutes of my life to drive to Syðrugøtu to see if they’re still there? Could be…



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