All that rain

Greenland Greater White-fronted Geese

It seemed like there was an opportunity for a few arrivals yesterday and today with some southeasterly winds hidding our shores. So today I went to check Eysturoy for migrants. But it was raining cats and dogs almost all day long.

The most interesting feature in Northwestern Europe during the last weeks have been the american ducks. Ring-necked Duck in Iceland, Green-winged Teal in Shetland and a Lesser Scaup in Norway (does the head shape and the colour of back look a little weird or is it just poor image quality).

Well, I checked Toftavatn today, but I only found a splendid summer plumage Slavonian Grebe, an Iceland Gull, a Curlew, some Teals and Wigeons and a Grey Heron.

Then I checked Rituvík. A stunning summer plumage Great Northern Diver and another 8 less stunning moulting birds were a nice count. But the highlight were 7 Greenland Greater white-fronted Geese (I’ll soon grow tired of typing that name). We’ve seen many more than any normal year…



A little birding in Klaksvík revealed one Meadow Pipit, one Glaucous Gull and nine Iceland Gulls – so there really isn’t a lot to blog about these days.


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