April Fool

Snow in Klaksvík

This morning everything was dressed in white once again. It has been snowing during the night and it is still continuing – luckily I didn’t change the tires.

Beautiful bright Iceland Gull

Snow in april is not uncommon – I’ve even experienced snow in june. But the plants were just starting to grow and the first sub-saharan migrants were just about to arrive – now that has been delayed somewhat. At least I do not hope that too many fragile migrants have arrived.

2w Iceland Gull

Well, the good part is that the cold weather has pushed more arctic gulls into the harbour in Klaksvík, where about 30 Iceland Gulls were present – but only one Kumlien’s Gull among them.

There are slight markings on the primaries - so maybe a faintly marked Kumlien's Gull

In Hvannasund a few more white gulls were present, but the most interesting there was a bird that tried to trick me – like on Arpil Fool’s Day. Coots are not common on the Faroe Islands – there might be less than 10 records each year. And when I finally find one I check for two things: Markings on the bill and white tail-feathers. American Coot has been recorded once on the Faroes Island – it was a juvenile which was found dead on the 1th of november in 1985.

What's your first reaction to this coot?

Today a Coot played april fool’s day with me. As I drew past the harbour in Hvannasund a coot with very obvious white on the rump was swimming in the ocean. For half a second I believed that this could be something good – but as you can see from the pics it wasn’t.

No luck to day...




2 comments on “April Fool

  1. Russ says:

    That’s ‘snow’ Coot!

  2. Harald says:

    My heart just stopped for 3 seconds whan I saw that picture of the coot 🙂

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