2w Herring Gull

Not a lot of time for birding today. It was quite windy so there was only one option anyways – to watch gulls. In Klaksvík there were tons of them. Numbers of Lesser Black-backed Gulls is rapidly increasing, but Herring Gull is still the most common. There were about 40 Iceland Gulls and one Glaucous Gull present today – numbers are really fluctuating.


There was one well-marked adult Kumlien’s Gull and a few brown 2w birds present. I’ve finally got my lens back so it was a pleasure to take some better photos finally.

2w Iceland Gull. It has an obvious tail-band and the iris is rather dark. But the inner primaries are darker and the outer primaries, which does not really fit Kumlien's Gull.

Another shot of the same bird as above.

The forecast promises a lot of westerlies the coming days and temperatures will drop to below zero. So it doesn’t look like there is much to expect – except for more gulls and maybe a duck of some sort.



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