Kittiwake and rainbow

During the night it has been rather windy. So when I woke up this morning I was greeted my some 500 gulls in the harbour in Klaksvík. As soon as I had the time I headed off to the fish factory. The scenery reminded me of old days (ala january and february) as about 70 Iceland Gulls were feeding around the factory. All ages were represented but there were only a few adult birds. And only three birds had obvious kumlieni-markings.

Lots of gulls around

Is has been raining a lot and after a while a stunning rainbow appeared. So I had a unique opportunity to get some rainbow slash iceland gull-photos.

Rainbow and Iceland Gull

The wind comes from northwest now, so I do not believe that a whole lot of migrants will arrive during the next few days – even though several hoopoes have been around in the UK.

A flower of some sort - I've now been told that it is a "loðið hovblað" - følfod - Tussilago farfara. I guess it is in summer plumage due to the fresh primaries. Maybe it hatched just a few days ago.

Rodmund found another rarity yesterday as a male Smew was present at Sørvágsvatn – it is only the 4th record for the Faroes, 3 of which are found by Rodmund!

1w Iceland Gull - could be both a well marked Iceland Gull or a pale Kumlien's.

But next time we’ll get some southeasterlies the first long-distance migrants will come – and only time can tell which spring overshooters will appear!

Kittiwake in Klaksvík

Interesting Herring Gull with four-coloured bill

The rainbow gives a nice background for gulling.


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