Ring-billed Gull

Oystercatchers are arriving in numbers

We’ve had some amazing days here on the Faroes. The sun has been shining for 3 days and it hasn’t rained except for a few showers. We need to use the water wisely ’cause it’s scarce. Temperatures have been up to 15 C and the wind has come from a southerly direction. Flowers are blooming and it really feels like summer is about to arrive.

In may these conditions would result in lots of redstarts, whinchats, pied flycatchers and sylvia-warblers. But it is still too early for most of the classic spring migrants – but well – Outer Hebrides has just had Alpine Swift, Yellow-legged Gull and Glossy Ibis and Ireland has had Red-flanked Bluetail and Baillon’s Crake. I bet there is something good out there – but the best I did manage to find was the first meadow pipit of the year.

A kittiwake enjoys the good weather

The good weather has had the result that most Iceland Gulls have departed. There were only about 15 in Klaksvík and Rodmund saw another 15 plus 3 Kumlien’s Gulls in Sørvágur. But todays highlight came when Rodmund called me to tell that a putative Ring-billed Gull also was present in Sørvágur. He obtained some pictures and the id was confirmed – it was a 2cy. It is the 9th record of Ring-billed Gull for the Faroes. Interestingly 8 out of 9 records have been 2cy-birds!

Now it seems like we’ll get some westerlies, so it might be time to check some ducks in order to find some other yanks.



4 comments on “Ring-billed Gull

  1. Rodmund á Kelduni says:

    Hey Silas.

    Don´t forget to look out for yank warblers, april can surtently give a nice surprise 😉


  2. birdingfaroes says:

    Hehe… yes, you’re right.

    But you’re doing just fine with bonaparte’s, ring-billed and lots of iceland gull-types this year… Keep up the good work – and then the warbler will come eventually.

    I’ll be glad just to find a Black-tailed Gull…


    • Rodmund á Kelduni says:

      Hehe….Well, no Black-taild Gull here….

      Can a stunning male Smew do it fore you, i have one at Sørvágsvatni.

      I´ll try to dust up a Black and White warbler for you soon, but be patient. 🙂


  3. birdingfaroes says:

    Hehe… a smew is always nice… but no match for a black-tailed. Call me when you have the Black and White Warbler… I’ll call when I find a chiffchaff (in a months time or so 🙂

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