Large gull gathering in Runavík

We are blessed with russian trawlers on the Faroe Islands. And when they come they tend to draw some gulls into the harbours.  So locating gull gatherings means locating russians.

Today I had some time to go birding on Eysturoy. First I checked Syðrugøta where my first Red-throated Diver of the year was present.  Then I checked Runavík. A few russian trawlers were present along with about 1000 gulls. Most were Herring Gulls but good numbers of Lesser Black-backed were also seen.

A russian trawler from Murmansk attracted quite a few gulls.

The Iceland Gull invasion is really on retreat. Todays total was:

Leirvík 1

Fuglafjørður 1

Runavík 17 + 3 Kumlien’s

Toftavatn 9

Toftir 2

Eiði 10

Klaksvík 20

Almost purely white 2w Iceland Gull

Total 63 Iceland Gulls … which is almost nothing compared to earlier.

Two digiscoped Tundra Bean Geese in Kambsdalur

Todays head lines were made in Kambsdalur, where I saw two Tundra Bean Geese, one Greenland Greater White-fronted Goose and about 50 Greylags. Rodmund had found one  Tundra Bean Goose in the area earlier in the month and two had been present nearby too. So none of the beans were new – but the Greenland G W-F was a nice surprise.

Orange billed Greenland White-fronted Goose

My big lens has been in the Czech Republic in order to get repaired, so I tried the good old digi-scoping technique in order to document the geese – a nice reminder of the good old days…



2 comments on “Murmansk

  1. steve minton says:

    welcome back Silas, it’s good to keep tabs on what’s happening in these northern clines

  2. Bird watching in the vicinity of Kandalaksha

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