Spring is coming

Iceland Gulls and Herring Gulls in Klaksvík

Temperatures have been as high as 13 C. Plants and trees are slowly turning green – it is starting for feel like spring. But it is very wet and cloudy – so the weather doesn’t really invite anyone to go out birding.

I did check the harbour in Hvannasund yesterday. There were about 10 Iceland Gulls and two Kumlien’s Gulls. Today I checked Klaksvík. 25 Iceland Gulls including two Kumlien’s Gulls and two putative Viking Gulls was as good as it got. Interestingly 11 of the Iceland Gulls were first winter birds and there were no adults at all.

One of two large pale gulls - probably Glaucous x Herring Gulls aka Viking Gull

So it is obvious that the numbers of Iceland Gulls are declining on the Faroes. There haven’t been so few birds around since the beginning of january. But I do believe that we’ll continue to see a steady flow of birds moving north for another month or so. And in a months time it will be time for the first sylvia-warblers to show up and in may anything can happen!

Dark 1w and 4w Iceland Gull with dark iris

Note the obvious differences in size and shape (jizz)


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