Back home

Gulls in Klaksvík

I’m finally back home with the family on the Faroes after 24 days in Denmark. It is awesome to be back. Spring is on its way. The grass is turning green, the days are longer and today I saw more than 300 oystercatchers – so we’re entering an exciting time of year once again.

Since I left the Iceland Gull invasion has continued. My wife has regularly looked out the kitchen window and told me how many white gulls were present. A little more interestingly Klaus Malling Olsen has visited the Faroes while I was gone. Rodmund took him out birding and they saw about 120 Kumlien’s Gulls and 700 Iceland Gulls during Klaus’ stay. So there is still some action going on.

Well-marked adult Kumlien's Gull - Klaksvík

The only true rarities seen during the period were two Harlequin Ducks found by Karl Thomsen at Syðrugøta. Harlequins are rare on the Faroes – about 13 different birds have been seen not including the new birds discovered.

Today I checked Klaksvík and found about 50 Iceland Gulls including 4 Kumlien’s Gulls. So the invasion is still obvious and there will probably be a lot of birds around for some time to come. And as so many times before there was a weirdo…

Dark Herring Gull-type.



2 comments on “Back home

  1. Jan Jörgensen (JanJ) says:

    You mean dark tailed Herring Silas…otherwise rather normally coloured.


  2. Silas,

    Chris Gibbins is seeing some interesting Herring Gulls in NE Scotland which he thinks may well be neararctic in origin. You might be interested in having a look.

    The Orkney WWG invasion is beginning to fizzle out with many fewer birds present recently. I’ve found your material on Kumlien’s really useful, thanks for posting all of that. I’ve learnt a lot about WWGs this winter for sure.

    I’m after a favour in that I’m wondering if you have any general info about Lapland Buntings in Faeroe during autumn 2010 as I’m trying to write that up for Scottish Birds. My email address is badseawatcher(at) if you can help out with that, and if you have any contacts in Iceland or Greenland who might be able to add their perspective? Drop me a mail if you have a moment.


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