Two Two-barred Crossbills

Two Two-barred Crossbills - Gyvelstien, Skagen

Two days ago I tried to twitch a Pied Wheatear in Strandby. It had been present for about 75 days so I was quite confident that it would be around. When we came a local birder told me that it had not been seen today. Normally it was very easy to find and it always came back to a certain spot where it has been fed with worms. But today I was simply gone even though it was present yesterday at dusk. Too bad… but that’s birding. But I did spot a nice bird… an Iceland Gull…

1w Iceland Gull - Strandby

So I went to visit RoC – a dedicated birder and toplister living in Skagen. We went for a little birding and saw about 50 Common Crossbills, 4 Two-barred Crossbills, Coal Tits, two Snow Buntings and other common stuff. All in all it was a really nice afternoon – in spite of the missing Pied Wheatear…

RoC watching Two-barred Crossbills

RoC's office

Male Two-barred Crossbill - Skagen


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  1. RS says:

    Rolf/RoC is not a lister!

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