Birding in Denmark

I had almost forgotten just how flat Denmark really is... And a peregrine is on the fence by the way.

This morning I went birding with Svend Erik Petersen in the western part of Jutland. He was my german teacher when I went to highschool and he has taught me the basics about bird watching.

Two 3w Iceland Gulls in Hvide Sande – Denmark (I almost feel at home)…

It has been a little hard for me not to see any Iceland Gulls for 3 days, so we went to Hvide Sande this morning in order to find some. We found two 3w Iceland Gulls right away. One of the birds looked like a mess and its moulting was delayed it seemed. So I did check it quite carefully as it had some dark ghostly markings on the outer primaries. But all in all they were just too faint to indicate anything for sure. A 1w Glaucous Gull was also present.


3w Iceland Gull - Hvide Sande, Denmark

Terrible picture, but not the broad tail band and ghostly markings on the primaries - at least an interesting bird.

After Hvide Sande we went to Mellemdyb where there were good numbers of ducks – mostly wigeons and teals. Two Lapland Buntings gave good views too.

3w Iceland Gull - Hvide Sande, Denmark

Along the road there were thousands of Pink-footed Geese, hundreds of Barnacle Geese and Greylags, about 20 Greater White-fronted Gesse (ssp. albifrons) and two Brant Geese (ssp. hrota).

1w Iceland Gull - Thorsminde, Denmark

We then headed further north to Thorsminde where a 1w Iceland Gulls was present. On the way there we saw a nice and wet peregrine. We also checked Thyborøn, but there was nothing really to be seen. All in all it was a fine day without any big surprises.

Peregrine - Vestjylland, Denmark




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