Herring Gulls

First of all the Iceland Gull Family Portrait

Today I checked the harbour in Klaksvík. There were about 100 Iceland Gulls and 20 of those were 1w birds. So they have raised some young in 2011. Furthermore there were 5 adult Kumlien’s Gulls, two 1w Kumlien’s Gulls and several brownies.

4w Kumlien's Gull

2w brownie

Herring Gulls on the Faroes are  considered dark argenteus-types. On average they are much darker than birds in Denmark for instance. Thus they are often believed to be american Herring Gulls by foreigners. I have no idea if they are some kind of intermediate between American and European Herring Gull or just dark argenteus’es, but they really are dark here – and the darkest gulls are very dark in deed. Today I focused on the Herring Gulls ’cause there were some weird birds around.

Very dark 1w Herring Gull

Dark Herring Gull and pale gull that almost feels like a Lesser Black-backed as it is slim - but I'm not sure. I'll have a better look at it tomorrow...

Iceland Gulls and the pale Gull - jizz on the pale gull is close to the Iceland Gulls with a rounded head and long primary projection - LBBG?

1w Herring Gull with extremely long glaucous gull-like bill.



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