A sunny day!

About 25 Iceland Gulls on the same picture - click to enlarge!

A beautiful and sunny day dawned upon us. And after more than 3 weeks the kindergarten teachers decided to go back to work this morning – so now the house was empty when I had delivered them. And even though I have a lot to prepare as I’m going to Denmark on saturday I did manage to get a few minutes down at the fish factory.

Darth Vader vs Gandalf the White

And what a sight. More than 200 Iceland Gulls were present along with the common stuff. They are absolutely “arctic” white in the sun!

Acrobatic Iceland Gull

The number of Kumlien’s Gulls was low and only a few adults with really dark markings were present. But there were a lot of brown birds around – birds that I would rather not call either kumlieni or glaucoides.

Adult Kumlien's Gull

3-4w birds can look almost purely white

Brown 3w

They really have many ways to pose

Which parts belong to which bird?

4w Iceland Gull

Wing pattern of adult Kumlien's Gull

And at last the picture of the day - adult Kumlien's Gull


One comment on “A sunny day!

  1. Pim Wolf says:

    I hope that you will not be away for too long Silas. I am hooked on my daily fix of white-winged gulls and am afraid that I will have to face severe withdrawal symptoms!

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