Trivial maybe?

Gulls in Klaksvík

Well, it is rather trivial. This blog is currently only about gulls, gulls and more gulls. And I haven’t posted anything that serious for a while. Just to start in another track news have just come from the danish rarities committy. Of the 25 rarities (not counting invasions of geese and glodfinches) that I submitted in the autumn of 2011 22 were accepted, two were rejected and one accepted as blyth’s/marsh warbler. The accepted birds include four national firsts: Greenish Warbler, Semipalmated Sandpiper, Blyth’s Reed Warbler and Richard’s Pipit. So the autumn of 2011 was really good.  305 bird species have been seen on the Faroes now  including the Bonaparte’s Gull found by Rodmund in january.

Kumlien's Gull

Today there were about 70 Iceland Gulls in Klaksvík including 4 Kumlien’s Gulls. I managed to get a shot of the bird above, which has some very faint markings on p9 and 10. This is not a very typical adult kumlieni-pattern compared to what I’ve seen before. There have been a few records of breeding Kumlien’s Gulls in mixed pairs with Iceland Gulls in Greenland. Maybe their offspring eventually will look something like this? And if this one gets offspring with a pure glaucoides it is probably inseparatable in the field from ssp. glaucoides.

2w Brownie

As always I love to post some brown birds. A brown Iceland Gull above and a brown Herring Gull below.

Dark Herring Gull


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