Close-up shot of a brown-winged Iceland Gull - click to enlarge

I managed to get out for a few hours today. The weather was nice and calm but eventually it started raining. First I checked Klaksvík. There were about 40 Iceland Gulls and 8 Glaucous Gulls present. One of the glaucous gulls had a serious wound in the face, but it seemed to do all right.

Glaucous Gull with a serious head wound

Today only two Kumlien’s Gulls were present along with several brown-winged Iceland Gulls.

Ok, this might be tricky, but the bird in front just looked like a 2w brown-winged Iceland Gulls while the 3w in the middle had kumlieni-shaped markings on the primaries - so I took it for a 3w Kumlien's Gull. In the back there is a 4w Iceland Gull.

In Hvannasund 16 Iceland Gulls were present but non of them were Kumlien’s Gulls. Apart from the white gulls it really is quite at the moment.

Close-up shot of the 3w Kumlien's Gull.



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